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About Us

For the very first time ever Our Company has actually developed the remarkable styles of fairy tales into outside play styles, and integrated age-appropriate physical difficulties with a complete digital bundle of fairy tales and virtual video games supporting knowing, edutainment and enjoyable.The outcome is a brand-new patent pending line of product setting entirely brand-new requirements for exactly what a playground can provide.


The vibrant themed playground structures have 2 fairy tales in one item, using age-appropriate physical difficulties for both the more youthful (1-4) and older (2-8) kids. The structures help with complimentary, directed and advised play.Fairy tales are developed for the child's world and stimulate role-play and creativity. They consist of axioms and supply ethical insights.


We have actually used kid's interest in innovation to motivate them to fall for outside play once again. The video games are edutainment, charmingly enjoyable and aid to stimulate kid's creativity in the playground.